Social Good Initiative

The Scholarship Program was launched to nurture students to combine their professional knowledge and personal compassion to serve the community. To enable and empower our Scholars to apply their well-earned knowledge and skills to serve the community, the Scholarship Program requires each Scholar to be engaged in one substantial service project during their normative period of study. These service projects could either be organized and/or supported by our partner universities; organized and/or offered by the Foundation; or self-initiated and self-organized (prior clearance by the Foundation is recommended) by our Scholars. Some exclusive service opportunities offered by the Foundation include:

“Working with one of the Foundation’s partners enabled me to rethink the meaning of education and observe the differences between education systems. It is also a great experience to share the passion of promoting our vision of happy school with them. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to engage with like-minded partners of the Foundation and put my social aspiration into action.” - Roxanne Liu, 2018 HKUST Scholar

The D. H. Chen Foundation’s Research and Co-Learning Projects


Institute of Education Excellence (“IEE”) at the Foundation engaged our Scholars in co-developing a preliminary study on local and overseas experience in promoting career and life education. The research investigated into curriculum, programs, and policies that are employed in Taiwan, Singapore and the United Kingdom and compared to the practices of Hong Kong. 

Institute of Mindful Living (“IML”) at the Foundation worked with our Scholars to research on overall status of mindfulness-based activities in Hong Kong. The purpose of the study was to identify ways to promote understanding of mindfulness and to formulate recommendations that inform key age/professional groups that would benefit their wellbeing most with mindfulness.

Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile's Research and Co-learning Project


The Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT) is a part of the heritage conservation project of The Mills, the former cotton spinning mills of Nan Fung Textiles in Tsuen Wan. Through its own curated programs that will include exhibitions and co-learning programs, CHAT invites visitors to experience the spirit of the innovative legacy of Hong Kong’s textile industry and engage in new dialogues and inspirational journeys that interweave contemporary art, design, science, heritage, community and craftsmanship. Working with a team of professional and experienced artists, educators and arts administrators, our Scholars will support CHAT in designing co-learning contents, researching and writing for exhibitions, curating community projects and outreaching through digital media.

Youth Impact Award’s Impact Measurement


Co-presented by The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and the Foundation, Youth Impact Award (“YIAA”) is a territory-wide social innovation and social service Award for secondary students with the aim to arouse local youth’s empathy and motivate them to examine and act on the social problems they witness. To measure and assess the social impact of the Program, under the guidance of the YIAA team, our Scholars will support the design of the assessment tools, collect useful data through interviews & focus groups and draft analyses.

InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s Research Project


InspiringHK Sports Foundation (“InspiringHK”) is a young and vibrant organization founded in 2012 with a vision to empower youth through sports. The World Health Organization recommends that young people aged between two and 17 should have one hour of physical activity per day, yet less than half of our youth in Hong Kong meet that standard. Premised on this, InspiringHK involves our Scholars to carry out a research to study how the low rate of youth participation in sports affects the overall wellbeing of Hong Kong.

Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre’s Research and Editorial Projects


Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre (“Maggie’s Centre”) is a charitable organization which aims at transforming the way people live with cancer. It offers free practical, emotional and psychosocial support to people affected by cancer including their families and friends, empowering them to live with, through and beyond the illness. To facilitate cancer survivor’s return to their homes and continuous care after treatment, our Scholars are conducting a research to help Maggie’s Centre design and organize programs better suited to their needs. Maggie’s Centre is also engaging our Scholars to revamp their education brochures and monthly pamphlets so that important information is communicated clearly and effectively to cancer patients and families.

Music Children Foundation’s Volunteering System and Annual Report Projects


With a social mission to empower deprived young children through long-term quality music training, Music Children Foundation (“MCF”) has a vast network of volunteers of diversified skills and expertise offering their help in different capacities. With the inputs and efforts of our Scholars, MCF has established a well-planned and sustainable volunteer system to mobilize their volunteers and better leverage their contribution. Our Scholars have also helped MCF in their annual report project, using stories and visuals to illustrate the impact of their meaningful work enabling the community to learn more about their achievements.

School of Everyday Life’s Strategic Consulting Project


Founded in 2014 by a group of passionate educators, visual artists and cultural academics, School of Everyday Life (“SOEL”) offers a diverse range of innovative, interactive and explorative programs to promote life education, positive values and sustainable and mindful living. To ensure that their work will continue to drive impact in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, our Scholars, acting as consultants, are drawing up a strategic plan to systematically analyze SOEL’s past achievements and offer advice on their development in the next three years.

Teach4HK’s Education Policy, STEM Education and Marketing Research projects


Engaging talented university graduates to serve at local underprivileged schools, Teach4HK is working with our Scholars to study how different education policies and the latest STEM curriculum development will impact on the long-term development of schools. Teach4HK has also engaged our Scholars in a marketing project to seek more efficient ways to recruit potential teaching fellows and disseminate its program results to a wider public audience.