Wyman Lam

Medical Laboratory Science, PolyU


Dr. CC Luk

Wyman is majoring in Medical Laboratory Science at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Not only is he devoted to helping people with his specialty, he is also committed to bring social influence to make Hong Kong a better home. He feels obligated to strive for his best to give back to society as well as to encourage others to do the same. He engaged in voluntary tutoring programs for underprivileged students with the aim of enhancing their academic competitiveness and minimizing the economic inequality.

Wyman always believes everyone should have the rights to receive proper medical services despite their financial conditions, and therefore he has been actively participating in and organizing health-related community services, like screening services for Dementia and vision problems. To him, helping people is not only about giving and serving but also salvation to oneself, through which people can escape from materialism and pursue the purest happiness.