Vanessa Lau

Laws, CUHK

Being passionate about public policy advocacy, Vanessa strived to provide concrete and feasible recommendations to ease neglected social issues.

Vanessa regularly and proactively promotes social issues to the public, aspiring to enhance youngsters’ interest in participating in social affairs. In 2022, she is the person in charge and student representative of financial policy for the Civil Policy Address 2022-23, drafting suggestions and supporting the Project by co-ordinating the training and meeting arrangements with professionals on 13 different categories to initiate policy suggestions. As the Vice President of the Arete Outstanding Student Association, she co-ordinated activities of the Arete and gathered up her teammates to promote public affairs, such as inviting honourable guests to share opinions about the opportunities of Hong Kong and the new generation.


Vanessa was keen to generate policy impact and hopes her advice would be adopted or be paid attention to by the Government, the Legislative Council, and professionals in all aspects. Being the Head of the Public Relations and Publicity Department, as well as the Instagram admin of the Association, she strived to break through the limits and introduced a new series of posts to popularize key social issues. She also acted as the Youth Current Affairs Commentator and has published commentaries in Singtao, Hong Kong Commercial Daily concerning the legalization of euthanasia, juvenile crimes, and so on.


With the encouragement from the Scholarship Program, she believes she can further pursue her aspirations and contribute to society.