Vanessa Kwang

Business Administration (Law) and Laws, HKU

Vanessa is pursing a double Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Law) and Laws at The University of Hong Kong. Grateful for all the resources and opportunities that she has been given in her life, Vanessa is determined to use her strengths to give back to the community. She has regularly volunteered since secondary school, and with more knowledge and experience in University, her role changed from being a participant to an organizer.

Last year, Vanessa was shocked to learn of the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims from the news. Wishing to know more about the human rights situation in Myanmar and what she can do for the community, she took up the position of Program Associate (Law) in Connecting Myanmar, a student-initiated NGO, to conduct legal research in the areas of human rights and Myanmar law, and embarked on a trip to Yangon in the summer of 2017 to teach Street Law. The lessons revolved around legal concepts such as rule of law and human rights and are designed with a vision to promote critical thinking among students and offer them with broader perspectives to understanding the problems in their society. As Program Coordinator this year, she hopes to bring some changes to the Street Law program so as to extend its impact to the greater community. She also plans to participate in the Legal Advice Program to help those who have fallen through the cracks in Hong Kong, or even initiate projects to empower vulnerable groups in the community with basic legal knowledge.

The Scholarship provides her with ample opportunities to meet like-minded people from different majors and learn from Mentors from every walk of life. She believes that these valuable assets conferred by the Scholarship will greatly assist her in actualizing her aspiration of making meaningful contributions to the society.