Photo Credit: Queenie Li, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar

Ton Yeh

Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford



Ton graduated from the Diocesan Boys’ School Hong Kong before moving on to the University of Oxford to read Mathematics and Philosophy. He is keen to study both disciplines and finds that they make not only enlightening conversations, but sharper lenses with which to see the world. To derive meaning from any human activity, one must think, and these subjects are the best starting point. Whether he ends up as a mathematical researcher, an economist or a lawyer, critical reflection will help a great deal. His extramural passions include bird watching, pursued both in Hong Kong and abroad. One of his hopes is to contribute to global solutions for bird conservation, and he has gone to several developing countries to see how the economy and wildlife live side by side. He has also won awards in public speaking competitions, in English and French. The Scholarship serves as a major boost in his academic life, allowing him to enjoy life in university. He will gladly benefit from the network of Scholars and Mentors which he will join, and to meet people with different careers and aspirations.