Tommy Chau

Physics, Oxford

Tommy is currently reading Physics at the University of Oxford, after completing his secondary education at the St. Margaret’s Co-educational Secondary and Primary School. Ever since he was young, he found Physics baffling for it being closely related to our daily lives, yet theoretical and abstract in nature. In order to deepen his understanding in Physics, he has been a part-time student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology during the later years of his secondary education. Moreover, he has been representing Hong Kong to participate in various International Science Olympiads, earning several medals in the process.

Due to his personal experiences and observations, Tommy believes that many who are talented are being neglected, and do not have the opportunities to nurture their talents to the fullest. Therefore, he hopes not only to be a physicist in the future, contributing to society by advancing science, but also to become an educator providing gifted education with those in need, offering them opportunities to pursue their dreams.