Tina Kwan

Global Business, CUHK


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Tina is a sophomore majoring in Global Business Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Being a curious person, she loves exploring and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. She is the Communications and Outreach Manager of Enactus Hong Kong, a local NGO advocating social innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Vice President of Cambridge Consulting Network.


Tina has also been actively engaging in voluntary teaching in addition to leadership roles. Tina believes opportunities in our lives should not be bounded by family background or inborn characters and is therefore dedicated to alleviating education inequality. By teaching Guzheng classes for students from underprivileged backgrounds in community musical centers and working as a voluntary tutor at the Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, Tina has been constantly supporting the disadvantaged group in our society.


Experienced in debating and public speaking, Tina has been trained to voice out her opinions fearlessly, which is essential in achieving her goal of becoming a sustainability consultant upon graduation to build a more inclusive and equal society. With the support from the Scholarship, Tina looks forward to equipping herself with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a holistic and enthusiastic leader.