Stephanie Kwong

Social Sciences, HKU

Stephanie is studying Politics and Public Administration as well as Language and Communication at the University of Hong Kong. With an aspiration to alleviate modern slavery and advocate for more humane refugee policy in Hong Kong, she has engaged herself in related volunteering work since high school. She was the student leader of the anti-slavery club at her high school and has connected the club with frontline NGOs working against modern slavery in Hong Kong. In the past year, she has volunteered at a local NGO working with refugees, translating local Chinese refugee news into English which is then distributed among other NGOs that work with refugees in Hong Kong. 

Not limiting herself within her academic discipline, Stephanie also believes in the power of social enterprises that could create changes in society. Hence, she ventures into the world of business consulting as a member of 180 Degrees Consulting and has worked with Metta, a local NGO that works with street children in Cambodia, to improve its marketing strategies in the past semester.

During her leisure time, you can find Stephanie discovering different independent bookstores and reading history books that perhaps reveal the parallels between past and present.