Sherine Sung

Aerospace Engineering, HKUST


Mr. Paul Lam

Sherine hopes to support persons with physical or mental disabilities using her knowledge of engineering and her cheerful attitude toward life. Not until her friend’s tragedy has she realized her eagerness to create a better world, in both the professional and social arenas. From learning about the friend’s mental instability and later, the news of her suicide, to waiting for her return of consciousness and her recovery with struggles, Sherine has apprehended the importance of mental health, and the urge to offer compassion and encouragement to people around us.

During the summer in 2022, she joined the civic fellowship at the Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association (HKYSUA) offered by HKUST Connect. Through the events she organised with her teammate, Sherine met people from all walks of life who have different backgrounds and living environments. The opportunities to serve the underprivileged and learn from the organization captivated her to think of her own social aspirations, and encouraged her to put them into practice.

Sherine established the Hong Kong Inter-university BigBoat Association with her teammates under the support of HKYSUA. She hopes to support people with mental illnesses via services, especially for the younger generation, an area which our society often overlooks.

With the support of the Scholarship Program, Sherine is looking forward to creating a compassionate and inclusive community with aspiring scholars and mentors.