Photo Credit: Queenie Li, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar

Sean Lau

Physics, HKUST



Sean is majoring in Physics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Initially an engineering student who was keen on using applied classical physics to improve our society’s infrastructure, his passion in theoretical physics eventually led him to change majors. Now, he is motivated to learn more about particle physics, quantum physics and relativity, to find ways for them to be utilized for mankind’s benefit, such as harvesting energy from nuclear fusion.

Outside of his academics, Sean is an avid musician who plays the piano and has self-taught himself the guitar and bass. He is part of a local rock band, and has performed at venues such as The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and Picnic in the Park. Recently, he has started working as a solo singer-songwriter, composing and performing his own Chinese pop songs. Aside from music, Sean is also a sports enthusiast, having represented his high school basketball team.

Sean had previously participated in the RTHK community involvement programs “Soul Curry” and “Cultural Dimsum”, radio programs that aim to bridge the gap between Hong Kong’s majority and minority ethnic groups by exploring the similarities between Chinese and Indian culture. Apart from this, Sean has participated in a range of social services, including teaching English to the elderly, raising money through performing in charity music concerts, and working at Crossroads Foundation as a volunteer who handled their clients’ requests for secondhand goods. From the latter, he witnessed the extreme degree of poverty in Hong Kong, but was also alerted to the fact that charities are sometimes exploited by the ill-intentioned instead of benefitting the needy. Because of this, he believes that the best way to help those in poverty is to provide them with education and opportunities for skill development, such that they will be able to escape the poverty cycle by themselves.