Ryan Ng

Finance, HKUST


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Ryan’s commitment lies in alleviating the intricate mental health challenges that young individuals face and recognizing the immense untapped potential that youth holds within.

With a dedication to championing these causes, Ryan actively engaged in volunteer work at KELY Support Group. Immersing himself headfirst into various initiatives, he participated in camps and events aimed at reigniting purpose and boosting confidence among young individuals.

As a fellow of Project Melo, Ryan actively participates in the program that empowers youth to co-create impactful initiatives alongside CEOs and engage in authentic, closed-door dialogues. Through setting up roundtables and delving deep into conversations with CEOs, Ryan championed a crucial concept: given the opportunity, young individuals are not simply participants but emerge as vibrant leaders, overflowing with fresh perspectives. These engaging experiences serve as a living testament to the immense potential of youth to drive positive societal changes.

With the support from the Scholarship Program, Ryan looks forward to various opportunities and meaningful exchanges that will not only mold him into an inspiring youth leader but also lead initiatives that improve mental health and offer stages where future leaders—the youth—can truly shine.