Ryan Choi

Government and Laws, HKU

As a Government and Law student studying at The University of Hong Kong, Ryan is highly interested in both political and law fields. He wishes to devote himself to the community by utilizing the knowledge learned from the two faculties.

Ryan served as a Research Assistant of Professor Yan Xiaojun in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. With the experience to help in organizing various Dialogue Forums, he had the opportunity to listen to the sharing of renowned politicians and businessmen. Face-to-face conversations with the elites grant him more insights into the contemporary political situation of Hong Kong and further enhance his interest in political research.

Passionate about developing diverse interests, Ryan has actively engaged in lacrosse and debate. Being the team captain of these two teams in Lee Hysan Hall, he has participated in several Inter-Hall competitions. He enjoys the positive competitions and always looks for self-improvement.

Being a student growing up in a grassroots family, Ryan is keen on community services related to minorities or disadvantaged children. He has visited the Methodist Church Epworth Village Community Centre to take care of the new immigrants from South East Asia and enrolled in the Rule of Law education scheme to teach legal concepts to secondary school students.

With his experience and support from the Scholarship Program, he will continue his endeavours to bring an equal growing opportunity to children from all classes.