Peter Yuen

Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, CityU


Mr. Bird Tang

Being passionate about artificial intelligence and design thinking, Peter led several smart city projects at the University and is serving in Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) and Engineers Without Borders Hong Kong (EWB-HK).

As a team member of AMS, he has been fighting COVID-19 since 2022 through taking part in the patient escort missions, and when in conflicts between citizens and government departments, he first listens and shows respect to others. He combines medical skills and design thinking to find optimal solutions in unfavourable situations.

As a core student member of EWB-HK, he is co-organizing the Global Citizenship Program to gear different University students with knowledge of sustainability and global vision. By conducting surveys with senior Engineers and engineering students, he found that mentorship and career exploration are the two key areas to connect  people in the workshops. He realises the key to solving a problem is the capacity to acknowledge others’ opinions.

He believes societal problems can be mitigated by having more appreciation of othersand more willingness to serve. With the support of the Scholarship Program, Peter is thrilled to exchange ideas with other talented scholars and respectable mentors.