Nicholas Wong

Arts, HKU



Nicholas is reading Philosophy and Neuroscience at The University of Hong Kong. As an aspiring scientist, he is particularly interested in the fields of philosophy of mind and cognitive neuroscience – an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the nature of human cognition and intelligence. With the hope to realizing his vision “Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential”, Nicholas strives to make use of the findings from brain research to improve humankind’s self- and other-awareness. He is currently affiliated with Reading and Learning Lab at HKU as an undergraduate researcher.

Outside of academia, Nicholas is also passionate about leadership development and value education. He strongly believes leadership is a fundamental solution to all societal problems. In recent years, Nicholas worked with AIESEC Hong Kong to deliver leadership training and conferences to local secondary school and university students. He was the programme director for Youth to Sustainability Summit 2018 and 2019, where he gave design thinking workshops on social innovation and youth leadership. Nicholas envisions the possibility of one day combining his expertise in neuroscience and leadership development, to nurture virtuous, competent leaders who would make the world a better place.