Netaniah Pinto

Biomedical Sciences, CUHK


Ms. Karen Cheung

Growing up with Scoliosis, Netaniah frequented the doctor’s clinic. Although her illness made her life tougher, she had the steadfast support of compassionate medical experts and the love and encouragement of her family and friends. This profound care taught her the power of kindness and inspired her to empower those around her.

Driven by an unyielding desire to spread kindness, she joined forces with ImpactHK, an organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness. As she took on the role of a walk leader, she witnessed first-hand the breathtaking transformation that love and care could ignite in the lives of those cast aside by society. She also became aware of the pervasive issue of homelessness in Hong Kong, as well as the scrutiny and judgment that homeless individuals face from society. Moreover, she noticed the lack of health literacy that plagued the underprivileged, further fueling her fervor to make a difference.

Netaniah is also passionate about leveraging the power of biomedical sciences to impact medical care. She is an intern at ITERM CUHK and works on a project about new therapies for diabetic neuropathy. She recently won the gold prize at the SUBRA research competition for her internship. Seeking to broaden her horizons, she embarked on a summer internship at a neurology lab at Harvard Medical School, a journey that further fortified her belief in the transformative potential of science to empower lives and catalyze positive change in society.

Netaniah’s experiences have ignited a deep passion within her to raise awareness about homelessness and break the silence surrounding taboo topics, while also promoting health literacy in society. With the support of the Foundation, she dreams of establishing a platform to raise more awareness regarding public health education and homelessness in Hong Kong.