Miranda Ding

Data Science and Policy Studies, CUHK


Mr. Bird Tang

Miranda is a sophomore majoring in Data Science and Policy Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Keen to embrace cultural differences, Miranda has been participating in cultural activities proactively. This fervor arose when she was an exchange student in Italy for a year during secondary school. Afterwards, she considers herself as a global citizen and would like to promote the beauty of cultural diversity for effecting positive change.


She was a member of the “I Can Fly” program organized by Cathay Pacific, an activity that aims to facilitate global cultural exchange. She was also the volunteer for the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme organized by the Tourism Commission, a program intending to enhance the sense of belonging to and understanding of the diverse culture of Hong Kong among young people.


Miranda also sets her heart on her role in making Hong Kong into a smarter city. As a data science student, she sees an array of opportunities in technology and has a strong conviction that it will be a powerful tool to change the world in a positive way. Through working for the Hong Kong Open Data Index, she hopes that more non-sensitive data could be opened up to elicit creative usage of these valuable resources.