Mike Chiu

Global Studies, CUHK

Mike is currently majoring in Global Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Concentrating in the field of global politics and world economy, he believes that the well-being of the community heavily depends on these two realms. While he specializes in global issues relating to international human rights and humanitarian affairs, he is willing to act locally by offering support to refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong.

The life motto of Mike, “to serve, but not to be served”, has long propelled him to devote himself in doing good deeds to mankind. Serving as the secretary of his Rotaract Club, he organized charity sales as part of a service trip to Mongolia, where orphans and homeless children were beneficiaries. His passion and capacity to serve also stem from his experience as the secretary of his Student Society, which he focused on inter-cultural mediation among students from different socio-economic backgrounds and of diverse nationalities. As a mental-health first-aider, he is always prepared to offer his ears and shoulder to those in need. Having a strong belief that minorities’ fundamental rights shall not be ignored, he aspires to seek justice through his future career as an international civil servant.