Michelle Ng

Laws, The University of Hong Kong


Mr. Gilbert Lui

Michelle is an undergraduate student studying law at The University of Hong Kong. With an aspiration to empowering the underprivileged, she takes part in different voluntary services to help unleash their potential. Michelle is an active member at Boundless, a non-profit-making organization aimed at empowering under-resourced students through facilitating their personal growth and helping them find their personal goals and make career choices.

Before starting her work at Boundless, Michelle spent 2 years as a student volunteer at Crossroads when she was in high school. Working with an international team from different walks of life has opened countless doors to empathy development for her. Michelle’s ultimate goal is to utilize the gifts she has received in life to help people who are denied better education opportunities and access to justice because of their financial backgrounds. Therefore, she considers the Foundation a gateway to meet like-minded people to deepen her understanding on social issues so that she could empower herself before empowering others.

As a lawyer to-be, she hopes to use her expertise to represent the underrepresented litigants in Hong Kong. Having witnessed the heart wrenching stories from the less advantaged, she realized the importance of legal education. There are insufficient legal education centers in Hong Kong and she wishes to initiate various campaigns, together with organizations like the Justice Centre to empower the people, especially the kids, with their rights and obligations to protect their legal interests.

Michelle believes that her dedication and passion for the betterment of the society would be the forces supporting her in her future endeavors.