Photo Credit: Queenie Li, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar

Max Lim

Medicine, HKU



As a medical student at The University of Hong Kong, Max has always believed that service is intrinsic within the medical spirit. To him, serving the community is not only an admirable activity, but is also a way to rebuild and strengthen the relationship one has with our community. Max is especially interested in raising awareness to local and global issues from the perspective of medicine and health, and he is committed to multiple advocacy and awareness initiatives to help the disadvantaged over the past few years.

To further his aspirations as a globally minded healthcare professional who tackles humanitarian issues from a medical perspective, he has been working at Medical Outreachers, a student-led NGO which provides service opportunities for medical students, over the past year. Specifically, he has been involved in Project Khumbu, a large scale international health service trip to mountainous areas in Nepal that aims to improve the quality of life of the local villagers there. He has also been actively involved in multiple community service initiatives within Chi Sun College, including driving an Organ Donation awareness campaign. Through the Scholarship, he hopes to further support and raise awareness towards various issues in our community, and to empower underprivileged groups to take initiative over their own wellbeing from a health-based perspective.