Matthew Ching

Surveying, HKU

Matthew’s understanding of the frustrations experienced by the grassroots community in Hong Kong has stemmed from a community service project during his secondary school years. This experience has ignited a fervent passion within him to advocate for inclusive urban policies that prioritize Hong Kong residents’ well-being.

He has been dedicated to serving the community through his leadership in the Civil Aid Services Cadet Corps and involvement in numerous community initiatives.  Participating in events such as visiting older adults exposes him to different life challenges and perspectives, enabling him to develop a greater understanding and compassion towards the needs and concerns of others. These experiences have honed his soft skills and cultivated a sense of empathy while broadening his horizons.

With the opportunity provided by the Scholarship, Matthew is eager to further deepen his understanding of innovative approaches to urban development. He aims to leverage the resources and support available to him to become a catalyst for positive social change. With his unwavering commitment and passion, Matthew is poised to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable future.