Maksim Chan

Medicine, CUHK

Maksim is currently studying Medicine in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is very keen on medical research and humanitarian work. His passion was nurtured during his study in La Salle College before university, where he had participated in various science olympiads and hospital attachments. The Global Physician-Leadership Stream (GPS) program of CUHK also provides him with valuable opportunities to reach out to the underprivileged and empowers him with leadership and communication skills. He believes that although one’s power might be insignificant, the collective efforts of many compassionate people can definitely bring about change. During his freshmen year, he joined several service trips to different parts of the world such as Yunnan Province in mainland China and Namtar village in Nepal, where he delivered health education to children and health checks to villagers. Besides, he went to Italy for a residential training in disaster medicine.

Maksim’s interests extend beyond medicine to other disciplines such as mathematics and computer science. As the global population continues to rise and disease conditions become more complicated, the medical field is increasingly dependent on new technology. He aspires to bridge the linkage between medicine and other fields such as informatics. He believes in the power of research in unlocking innumerable possibilities in the medical field, and he aims to take part in academic research alongside his future career as a medical doctor.