Leo Ng

Global Business, HKUST

Leo believes that family background should not be a constraint for students to learn and unleash their potential. Aiming to improve cross-generational poverty, he has been actively engaging in voluntary teaching. He provided tutorials for students from low-income groups. Apart from academics, he believes personal development and career planning are also important for youngsters. Therefore, he serves as a mentor for some secondary school students, sharing his university experiences and advice on choosing majors.

As an Internet Native, he has been utilizing online free resources for self-learning. He has a strong conviction that it will be a powerful tool to let all students receive equal learning opportunities. Inspired by Khan Academy, a non-profit online educational platform that provides maths and science lessons, Leo wants to create a Hong Kong version of Khan that provides tailor-made courses in Cantonese and English for local primary and secondary school students.

With the support from The D. H. Chen Foundation, Leo looks forward to equipping himself with knowledge and broadening his horizons through exchanges. He believes it would help him to move a step forward towards his social aspiration in order to contribute to the society