Larissa Li

Early Childhood Education and Special Education, HKU

Larissa is strongly interested in children’s development and special education. She is eager to devote herself to serving the community and raising awareness with her knowledge and skills.

Larissa has been serving as a dedicated Sunday School teacher in her church who brings joy and inspiration to young minds for years. With a passion for sharing the teachings of the faith, she creates a nurturing environment where children can grow spiritually and develop a strong foundation in their beliefs and values.

Being a classroom assistant in the Child Development Centre, Larissa worked closely with educators to provide individual attention and assistance, ensuring that every child received the support to realize their potential. With a deep commitment to promoting inclusivity and reducing educational inequality, especially in the field of special education, Larissa has fostered a positive learning environment for children with diverse needs.

With the support of the Scholarship Program, Larissa hopes to put her knowledge and skills in early childhood and special education into real-life practice, helping students overcome challenges that they might encounter. In the long run, Larissa aspires to promote an inclusive community through public education and cross-field collaboration with professionals, aiming to enhance public understanding of children with special educational needs.