Kristy Chow

Medicine (GPS), CUHK

Aspired to combine her passion for both medicine and humanitarian work, Kristy actively engages in different social services to promote positive changes in society, particularly in the healthcare sector.

In her freshman year, Kristy served as the Vice President of the 14th Executive Committee of Medical Outreachers (Local Team). She dedicated herself to delivering medically-related services to a range of underprivileged groups in Hong Kong, including people who have limited access to public healthcare services and patients suffering from various diseases. Additionally, she contributed as an executive committee member of CUHK Health Exhibition 2023, actively engaging in providing basic health checks to the public and raising awareness of some common health problems in Hong Kong.

In view of the aging population and increasing prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases in Hong Kong, Kristy aspires to become a specialist and clinical researcher in Neurology in the future. Apart from participating in research on disease course-slowing therapeutics, she is determined to raise awareness of the issue through community outreach and ensuring equal access to relevant care services.

As a Scholar of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program 2023, Kristy hopes to connect with Scholars and mentors from all walks of life, creating a greater positive societal impact and building a more compassionate society as a whole.