Kitty Fung

Engineering Science, Oxford

Kitty graduated from Good Hope School before reading Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. As a student who has a taste of Hong Kongʼs examination culture,
she has observed how students with more affluent backgrounds can afford private
tutoring lessons and gain access to a massive question database. This then
enlarges the educational disparity, which lies in the heart of poverty and wealth
inequality. The phenomenon has ignited her passion towards information
engineering as she envisions countering the aristocratic education problem with
the construction of a database of tailor-made exercises done by interpreting and
extracting patterns from existing questions.

Obsessed with robotics since high school, she has participated in several robotics
competitions and witnessed the rare appearance of female competitors.
Therefore, she aspires to import the engineering culture from the United Kingdom,
where engineering gender equality at workplace and academia is greatly
valued. Kitty looks forward to working hand in hand with local talents to transform
our city into a centre for innovation.