Kenny Tang

Quantitative Finance, HKUST

As an inquisitive student and a mathematic enthusiast, Kenny is keen on the pursuit and sharing of knowledge. Having a wide variety of interests, he also actively participates in various extra-curricular activities in addition to his academic achievement.

Believing that cultivating moral character is as important as pursuing knowledge, Kenny has been seeking to contribute back to society as a beneficiary of social assistance. Having been a voluntary mathematics tutor in secondary school, he was aware of the difficulties faced by students because of their innate restrictions. Considering himself the lucky one, Kenny aspires to share the pleasure of learning with underprivileged students by alleviating educational inequity in Hong Kong.

Being passionate about improving education in Hong Kong, Kenny believes that nurturing the youth is of vital importance to Hong Kong society in long term. To achieve the aspiration of building a society where everyone has the chance to unleash their potential and strength, he will devote himself to serving the people in need, especially students who are facing difficulties in learning. With the support from the Scholarship Program, Kenny wishes to cultivate his moral character and contribute to society during his journey with The D. H. Chen Foundation.