Kenji Hung

Quantitative Finance, HKUST



Kenji is a sophomore majoring in Quantitative Finance at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Hoping to help different non-governmental organizations and social enterprises expand their scale and maximize their social impact, he is determined to apply business knowledge to raise public awareness towards different social enterprises and attract like-minded investors allotting funding to them. 

Apart from utilizing his business and financial knowledge, Kenji is dedicated to promoting universal education. Education inequality is a serious problem and students are in need of support. He is devoted to providing education assistance to the needy. He believes that every student should have a chance to receive education, regardless of their background. Up to now, Kenji has more than twoyear experience in providing free tuition services to the underprivileged. In hopes of promoting universal education further, he actively shares study tips and helps students solving different problems via social media platform. He is planning to collaborate with other students and establish an online video channel for launching free online lessons to the public to promote non-discrimination and equality in education.