Kate Chan

Medicine, HKU


Mr. Paul Lam

Kate is a medical student at The University of Hong Kong. Since high school, she has been actively involved in serving her community in different capacities- Head Girl of her high school, Chairlady of its Counselling Team as well as a regular tutor in Principal Chan Free Tutorial World. Such experience enriched her, humbled her and above all ignited her passion in serving others. After entering medical school, Kate realized the huge expectation the community places on future doctors. Therefore, as Vice President of the student led NGO Medical Outreachers, she worked with her teams to provide elementary healthcare-related services to the needy in a sustainable manner. This is where a lifelong commitment to the practice of medicine began. She also hopes to inspire other medical students to take on similar challenges.  

Her life motto is ‘A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for’. She strives to venture beyond her comfort zone and serve underprivileged groups with professional knowledge and integrity. She strives also to sail away from the water of shallow interests to the vast ocean of goodness. She considers it her foremost duty to contribute to her home, Hong Kong, from where she has gained so much. With the Mentorship program and support from the Scholarship, Kate is committed to continuously reaching out to the disadvantaged and empowering them to live a healthier and rewarding life.