Jolin Ho

Language, Culture & Communication, PolyU

Jolin is majoring in Chinese and Bilingual Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She relishes watching Cantonese opera because it incorporates lots of elements of Chinese culture and helps her understand the philosophy of life.

Believing that cultural heritage is crucial to mankind as it demonstrates our uniqueness among other living creatures, she is passionate about preserving and promoting the cultural heritage,  especially Cantonese opera, in Hong Kong. For Jolin, Cantonese opera is educational that it can guide the audience to be “a better self”. However, the younger generation in Hong Kong has a misconception that Cantonese opera is outdated. Therefore, she is eager to alleviate this common misconception among young people, and participation in the Xiqu Centre Tour Docent Program is her first step to achieving the goal. She also decides to translate various Cantonese opera scripts to let foreigners feel the “beauty” of Cantonese opera after finishing her degree.

Apart from her interest in Cantonese opera, Jolin loves to write as she finds writing is the most comfortable way to express herself. She often writes Chinese poetry and prose in her leisure time, and she wishes her words can inspire others.