Jelly Ho

Global Business, HKUST


Mr. Paul Lam

Jelly is a determined young lady who dares to bring her aspiration into reality. She has initiated a first-and-ever incoming-service project, co-organized with Happy Tree Social Services, aiming to share hope and happiness with Cambodian AIDS orphans. Yearly visiting opportunity to Hong Kong would be provided to selected performers across the AIDS orphanages in Cambodia. As a strong fan of youth leadership and the power of youth influences, Jelly has taken up the leadership role in AIESEC of HKUST. By organizing forums and experiential learning exhibitions, she hopes to foster future leaders of today on university campus.

Believing conversation with great minds from different backgrounds and cultures is the fastest way to diversify one’s perspectives and generate social-innovative ideas, Jelly is thrilled to exchange ideas with other outstanding youth leaders and recognized mentors in The D. H. Chen Foundation family, so as to inspire and be inspired.

In the future, Jelly hopes to utilize her knowledge in business for the betterment of the society and become a lady with interesting stories that she would be proud to tell.