Jeffrey Mok

Government and Laws, HKU

Jeffrey is currently studying Government and Laws at The University of Hong Kong. He was inspired by the spirit of ‘Men for and with Others’ in his local secondary school education and since then, has been determined to serve the community.


At the Law school, the experience of joining the Duty Lawyer Observer Programme and the Clinical Legal Education Criminal Appeal Experiential Learning Programme has made Jeffrey aware of the lack of legal knowledge in the general public, as well as the inequality in access to justice. He is therefore determined to make a positive impact on the community with the legal knowledge acquired from university. One of which is his participation in the Outreach Legal Talks Initiative to deliver free legal talks at elderly homes on topics such as Advance Medical Directive and guardianship.


Passionate about international relations and politics, Jeffrey has also taken part in HKU’s AIESEC, an international organization that fosters cross-cultural exchanges, as well as Lawyers Without Borders – HKU Division as a student researcher and a student fellow to promote global human rights issues.