Jasper Wong

Integrative Systems and Design., HKUST

Jasper’s interest in engineering and technology manifested in his self-learning of programming language from a young age. Not only is he drawn to computer science, but he is also keen on circuit design.  He likes to experiment the theories and principles by putting them into practice, building hands-on electronics prototypes during weekends.

“Comprehending the underlying principles governing the subject matter underpins problem solving,” said Jasper. Often when available, he will look for inadequacies in daily life and think of different approaches to tackling a problem.

During his training as a Red Cross member in his secondary school, Jasper learnt about the importance of First Aid – helping the injured promptly. He also participated in a refugee simulation experience, in which he realized the deep agony undergone by citizens in war zones. These experiences shaped him into an empathetic citizen that cares for others.

He is currently the Internal Vice-President of the Integrative Systems and Design Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, and he longs for a world in which engineers and designers work collaboratively to facilitate the development of human-centered innovations. After graduation, he hopes to contribute to society by giving back what he has learnt to the betterment of Hong Kong.