Jason Wong

Medicine (GPS), CUHK


Dr. Fan Ning

Jason has been deeply passionate about medicine, especially the field of ophthalmology. Engaging in various research, service and leadership opportunities, he seeks to become a competent clinician scientist with an eye for the community around him.

Compassion for others is a core motivation of Jason and he acted in his freshman year as the leader of “In Stride with SEN”, the annual project of Medical Outreachers Hong Kong, organizing activities, workshops and talks for over 100 mainstream and SEN secondary school participants. He has strived to enable SEN students to realize their potential, to promote empathy and communication between SEN students and the public, and to foster a more caring and inclusive society. Currently, he has been serving as a Student Leader in the CUHK “Eye. Learn I.CARE” Program, fulfilling his interests in eye research and his vision of caring for over 2000 patients with eye diseases, and inspiring him to be actively involved in ophthalmology in the future.

From pioneering new breakthroughs to applying knowledge to treat patients as well as possible, Jason believes that both medical research and service are instrumental in making a difference in the community. With the support from the Scholarship Program, he anticipates a rewarding and impactful journey ahead in his career with his mentors and fellow aspiring Scholars.