Jane Wong

Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK


Ms. Karen Cheung

Jane is always passionate about promoting Chinese culture. In secondary school, she was the Chairman of the Chinese History Club and a member of the Chinese Club.  At The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she became the treasurer of The Chinese Language and Literature Student Union, Chung Chi College. These experiences have brought Jane pure joy of sharing Chinese culture with others.


In 2021, Jane has been an intern in the Corporate Affairs Department at Towngas. Through taking care of the social media posts on the Towngas Low Carbon Action Facebook page,  she learns more about the relationship between sustainable development and the environment, and at the same time promote to the public to take environmentally-friendly actions. She also assisted Towngas’s Customer Focus Team on the gas safety and appliance maintenance education to elderly homes.


Jane is determined to be a Chinese teacher in the future.  To her, Chinese might be very traditional when compared to other subjects like STEM. However, she finds Chinese a powerful language in healing which is useful to release stress and negativity of people.


Awarded with the Scholarship, Jane believes it will give her an unique opportunity to get closer to her dream through committing in social services, meeting distinguished Scholars, and gaining internship experience.