Jada Fong

Biology, Oxford



Jada is reading Biology at the University of Oxford after completing her secondary education at Diocesan Girls’ School. She believes that technological advancement is vital to sustainable development, so she hopes to gain more insight into STEM-related fields and contribute to her homeland after graduation. At university, she is a member of the Oxford Women in Engineering, Science and Technology Society, as well as the Oxford Strategy Group which provides consultation services to various firms.  

Jada is very passionate about serving the community. She was the Head Girl of her high school, and has been doing community service since the age of 12. She loves working with children, especially by using music to connect with them. For 3 consecutive years, she has helped organize music services Sharing Music Sharing Love” for underprivileged kindergarten students. She was also a volunteer at Music for the Growing Mind, teaching children from low-income families to play cello and percussion. At university, she is a committee member of Project Access, mentoring underprivileged high school students through the Oxford and Cambridge application process. Jada believes that she is very fortunate to have received so much love and support, thus striving to extend similar support to others.