Jacky Tong

Global Business, CUHK



Jacky is a self-motivated and passionate student majoring in Global Business Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He hopes to bring change to society, in particular to the future pillars. With his experience in the education sector, he observed that the education inequality in our homeland exacerbated in the past few years. Children from underprivileged families were deprived of the opportunity to receive better education as they possessed less resources. He believed that as a business student, his experiences and abilities can narrow the gap between students from different family background and improve the education equality in our society.  

He founded a platform to provide students with free online lessons teaching the skills for public examinations, organize free interview workshops and share his study tips and university life. Prior to this self-initiated platform, he has worked as a volunteer at Principal Chan Free Tutorial World.  He hopes to expand the scope of his project and mobilize more students to contribute to local society.   

Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Jacky is working towards this goal of building a more inclusive society