Ivan Cheung

Global Business, CUHK


Mr. Cheney Cheng

Ivan immersed himself in various environments to explore his pathway in the future. He has been an associate of the Communication and Outreach Division at Enactus Hong Kong while competing in several case competitions both locally and globally.


“Listening to others’ stories is always heart-warming and motivational in my life journey” Ivan believes. He values every genuine interaction with people, from listening to sharing his own emotions. He, therefore, takes every opportunity to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Internally taking up the role as an organizer of S. H. HO College orientation camp 2022, Ivan has built up intimate bonds with freshmen from all faculties and family backgrounds. Externally volunteering at Teach for Hong Kong, a local NGO serving underprivileged students, he had frequent idea exchanges with teachers and students from the less well-off environment.


Given Ivan’s observation of social inequality, he vows to give his helping hands to the less affluent classes. Studying business is not all about making money, but also giving returns to society with business as a medium. As one of the new Scholars to The D. H. Chen Foundation, he envisions minimizing the impacts of family socio-economic status on the growth of underserved children. Therefore, with the support from the Scholarship Program, Ivan would like to equip himself with the hard skills and network required to realize his compassionate dream in the future.