Isabella Liu

Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU


Mr. Peter Poon

Isabella is studying speech and hearing sciences at The University of Hong Kong. She is interested in research related to children’s language development and swallowing disorders. She regards herself as a learning-driven and adventurous youth, whom she lives by the motto: “To strive, to seek and, to find, and not to yield.”  

Being the UNICEF club’s executive committee back in secondary school, the experience has shaped her awareness of human rights and children’s poverty issues. She understands the struggles of children from underprivileged backgrounds and how crucial it is to receive a quality education. She puts her vision into actions by providing free tutoring services for students with financial needs.   

She is currently the Vice President of the Outgoing Global Talent department of AIESEC at HKU, where she helps create internship opportunities in overseas NGOs and education institutions for university students. This leadership journey exposed her to knowledge beyond her curriculum and honed her entrepreneurial spirit. She believes business does not have to be limited to profit-yielding but helps provide solutions to tackle existing societal problems through creating shared value (CSV). Hence, she aspires to establish a startup concerning education in the future.