Hugo Mak

Medicine, HKU

Hugo is a medical student at The University of Hong Kong who aspires to promote general population health in the city and even the globe. He believes that every stakeholder in society has his role to play and has been actively dedicating himself to social services since secondary school. In his first year at HKU,  he served as the Assistant Health Officer (Vice-chairperson) of the Health Committee, Medical Society, HKUSU.


To promote health consciousness among the public, he organized events offering health services for a wide range of people, ranging from estate residents to primary school and even medical students. Hugo also undertook summer internships in two social enterprises specializing in serving the elderly, namely ChowTV and Repairs Givers, to familiarize himself with social innovation.


With his belief of “success in medical research can be a cure for millions”, Hugo is preparing himself for being a clinician-scientist in Allergy & Immunology, an emerging field in Hong Kong medical scene with no more than ten specialists. He has attached to clinical immunology clinics and plans to study a Master of Research in Medicine in his enrichment year.


‘Compassion is not only the vision of the Foundation but also an essential for a healthcare professional, or even any member in our community.’ Hugo believes.