Holly Chan

BBA & Laws, HKU

Holly is studying law and business at The University of Hong Kong. Grateful to be raised in a conducive learning environment, she is always determined to contribute to the community. During secondary school years, she had been an EQ ambassador in Tuen Mun Hospital, providing emotional and learning support to bereaved children. As a keen violinist and pianist, she was involved in co-organising a fundraising concert with Music Children Foundation to support underprivileged children’s music learning.

Holly is passionate about voluntary education and currently takes a leading role in organizing voluntary teaching trips to increase the exposure and confidence of youngsters in remote areas of Mainland China. She hopes to spread the happiness of voluntary teaching and empower more students with service opportunities. She also volunteers in Principal Chan Free Tutorial World.

In law school, she became increasingly aware of access to justice issues in Hong Kong. Duty lawyer observer program further sparked her hope to utilize legal knowledge in legal advice and education initiatives. She aspires to integrate pro-bono legal work in her future career, to protect the interest of vulnerable groups. With the support from the Scholarship, Holly is committed to bringing positive social impacts to our community, especially in ensuring equal participation in a more inclusive society.