Harold Lam

Surveying, HKU

Harold believes everyone has unique values and is passionate about building a more diverse and inclusive community.

Being a mentor of students with special education needs for several years, Harold understood how learning and communication barriers hinder their self-esteem. He organized various tailor-made workshops and encouraged them to develop their unique talents. He also worked at Project Aspire, EdUHK, to promote peace and diversity in secondary schools. Their “Inclusion Lab” programme lets students reflect on their attitudes toward peer relationships and learn to be more empathetic.

In his freshman year, Harold served as External Vice Chairperson of the Social Service Group, HKU, and President of the Joint University Social Service Organization. He led the collaboration of different student societies and co-organized activities for underprivileged groups. In addition to promoting social care and responsibility on campus, he conducted community music workshops to promote the culture of caring in the neighbourhood. During the pandemic, he made music videos with children and the elderly to spread love and hope.

Harold’s vision is to create inclusive and vibrant communities with his social awareness and surveying profession. He believes that buildings should not be standalone spaces, but should foster engagement and connection across the community. As one of the Foundation’s Scholars, he looks forward to interacting with different scholars and social leaders to become a well-rounded leader.