Grace Lee

Occupational Therapy, PolyU

Grace is studying Occupational Therapy at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her biggest aspiration is to utilize her medical specialty to help improve people’s and society’s well-being. Realizing how stretched the local healthcare system is, she is determined to work out plans and actions that can provide additional medical or caring assistance to the community, especially the underprivileged.


To get closer to her dream, she currently serves as an Occupational Therapy Student Ambassador to raise the public’s awareness about health maintenance. In addition, she works with a service club called We Care We Share to organize rehabilitation projects for people in post-disaster regions. Her team emphasizes the use of high-tech equipment to maximize rehabilitation efficiency.


Grace is also interested in volunteer teaching. When she was a secondary school student, she had organized two cross-border trips to give free education programs to left-behind children in the Mainland’s countryside. It is Grace’s belief that education brings about inspiration. She hopes to carry out more education campaigns for disadvantaged students so that they can change their lives through knowledge.