Evelyn Lam

Global Business Studies, CUHK

Evelyn is a curious explorer who thrives on embracing new challenges and is eager to lend a hand to others. In addition to having a passion for technology, she believes that business is a perfect bridge to deliver ideas to others and bring impact to society. Currently serving as the Vice President for Cambridge Consulting Network, Evelyn has been actively engaged in student-led organizations.

Evelyn deeply recognizes the cruciality of passing on the torch, understanding its profound impact on personal growth and the enduring legacy it creates for society. Therefore, she hopes that her own experience could help others. Since her high school days, she has been actively involved in the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Association and the Outstanding Students’ Association. Within these roles, Evelyn was dedicated to organizing volunteer initiatives and student elections. Besides, to support secondary students in academic pursuits, she organized free mock examinations and founded a platform that provides free study resources.

With her zeal for technology and observation of existing social issues, she hopes to leverage her ability to help narrow the digital divide in society, promoting equity in accessing technology resources among different stakeholders in society.

With the support of the Scholarship Program, Evelyn is fully committed to making by utilizing her business expertise and network. She eagerly anticipates forging connections with like-minded Scholars and mentors, as she embarks on a promising and rewarding journey ahead.