Eren Chow

Quantitative Finance, HKUST

Eren strongly believes that individuals should not be limited by their circumstances.

Eren’s commitment to personal development and mental health is evident in his past internships and extracurricular activities, where he engaged in projects focused on supporting teenagers’ mental wellbeing and participated in Design Thinking Bootcamp to foster innovation. Throughout his academic journey, Eren honed his leadership and organizational skills as an Organizing Committee Member of the HKUST Business Cohort Community, where he spearheaded initiatives to foster inclusivity and provided valuable networking opportunities for students.

Eren has grappled with mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, since his primary school years. With the aid of supportive teachers during high school, he was able to overcome these challenges. Inspired by his own experiences, Eren is deeply committed to raising awareness about mental health and challenging the associated stigma. He strives to foster a culture of wellbeing and understanding, aiming to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by mental health conditions.

With the support of the D. H. Chen Foundation, Eren eagerly anticipates expanding his knowledge and experiences through educational exchanges. He is determined to further develop his skills and broaden his horizons, driven by the ultimate goal of making a significant contribution to society.