Edwin Lam

Physiotherapy, PolyU


Ms. Karen Cheung

Given that the local healthcare system in Hong Kong is overloaded, Edwin’s aspiration is to provide high-quality medical services to the community, particularly the underprivileged through his medical specialty. He hopes to contribute to the society and relieve the situation through his professional knowledge and skills.

Having a strong enthusiasim in Science, Edwin has become the chairperson for the Science Society in his Secondary School. In this technological era, Science has an inextricable correlation with daily lives. Throughout the experience of becoming the chairperson of the Science Society, he has organized different activities for schoolmates or guests to join to deliver scientific concepts and demonstrate his leadership abilities. Besides, he has also participated in different Science competitions, like the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad and International Biology Olympiad Contest in 2020 and 2021 respectively, and achieved outstanding results.

In addition, believing in the transforming power in education, Edwin is interested in volunteer teaching. for the underprivileged children. Currently, he serves as a volunteer tutor at a local community center to e improve the academic performance of underprivileged children with Special Education Needs. aiming.

With the support from The D. H. Chen Foundation, Edwin hopes to broaden his horizon through mentorship and serve the community through social projects which could utilize his medical knowledge.