Photo Credit: Queenie Li, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar

Edward Tam

Technology and Management, HKUST



Edward is both a Civil Engineering student and a Business student under the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Pursuing his study in the Civil Engineering field, he believes that while the construction of infrastructures is crucial to a city’s advancement, it is not necessarily a zero-sum trade-off against environmental sustainability. Through research into innovation of construction-related technologies, civil engineers and environmentalists do not have to be antagonists by default. The exposure in the business field further enables him to think in multiple perspectives when dealing with contentious issues in his profession. He is currently engaged in a number of service projects targeted at a wide audience ranging from children with special educational needs to older adults living alone. He is currently an organizing committee member of a service project holding regular visits to an elderly centre. He believes that empowering minorities in society is an alternative to achieving social sustainability. Through his various engagements, especially as The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar, Edward hopes to meet life mentors and like-minded individuals from different backgrounds and endeavours and to drive positive impact in the community.