Dicky Wong

Surveying, HKU

Dicky’s interest in urban design and management blossomed at an early age, sparked by his fascination with SimCity Games during his primary school years. In 2021, he participated in the “Be a Government Official for a Day” Programme, which allowed him to engage with top government officials and delve into pressing social issues. It was during this experience that Dicky came to realize that the housing problem in Hong Kong stems from various interconnected factors, including the economy, housing policies, and building technology.

This realization further solidified Dicky’s determination to pursue a career in Real Estate and Construction, with the aim of constructing a more livable and sustainable environment for all.

Dicky’s dedication to social engagement extended beyond Hong Kong. As part of his involvement in the Rikkyo University Rikuzentakata Project 2023, he visited areas devastated by the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, and researched the challenges of disaster reconstruction and recovery. Additionally, he participated in the Digital Voices of Hong Kong & Myanmar Students research study program, investigating educational opportunities for Myanmar refugee youths along the Thai-Myanmar border.

With the support from the Scholarship Program, he believes he can construct a compassionate built environment and society.