Daphne Tam

Medicine, HKU


Dr. Fan Ning

The volunteer attachment at Queen Mary Hospital and the shadowing experience in a family clinic have nurtured Daphne’s empathy and sensitivity toward the feelings of others. With the belief that sympathetic relationships with patients stem from communication and understanding, she dedicated herself to volunteering work that served people with special needs, ranging from being a tutor of ADHD students to organizing activities for elderly patients with dementia. It also comes to her attention that good medical care may not be available to the population who most needs it. In hopes of addressing healthcare inequality in the city and even the globe, she would like to contribute in international humanitarian service in her enrichment year.

Outside her medical profession, Daphne also has a broad interest in mathematics and programming. Having represented Hong Kong in the China Girls Mathematical Olympiad and won a bronze medal, she believes in the power of logical deduction and problem-solving abilities. With a recent internship experience at a coding company, Daphne aspires to initiate a social project to provide free quality coding lessons for underprivileged students, making an effort to address educational inequality in her neighbourhood.

Through connecting with other altruistically driven scholars and distinguished mentors in the Scholarship Program, Daphne hopes to realize her philanthropic aspiration and commit herself to building a compassion-based society.