Daisy Ngai

Veterinary Medicine, CityU


Mr. Cheney Cheng

Daisy is currently studying Veterinary Medicine at the City University of Hong Kong after she has become a Biology graduate at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Inspired by her voluntary work in animal rescue organizations since secondary school, Daisy has been aware of the importance of promoting animal welfare in Hong Kong. She is a student ambassador of the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change which aims to contribute to positive change in knowledge, attitudes and behavior in relation to the adverse environmental changes to animals and humans due to anthropogenic activities. Her role of a tour guide in the museum also helps convey the “One Health” concept to people from all walks of life and raise awareness about the interconnected relationship of environmental, animal, and human health.


Concerned about zoo animal welfare, she has started her internship this year at Ocean Park where she has worked on welfare research relating to species ranging from dolphins, red pandas to manta rays. Daisy believes that the more we understand about animals, the more we can do to improve their welfare and make Hong Kong a more animal-friendly place.