Chelly Lam

Medicine, CUHK

Chelly is dedicated to serving others. In secondary school, she volunteered at the Health Education Exhibition and Resource Centre to promote health-related information to the public and strived to serve cancer patients by organizing activities. Her dedication has been acknowledged with Service Award by the Social Welfare Department. Her serving heart continues to thrive in university. Throughout her freshman year, she assisted in the organisation of the Health Exhibition in order to keep promoting health knowledge. She also provided services to underprivileged children, the homeless, and people with eye diseases.


Despite her passion to serve the community, she did not neglect the people around her. She joined both residential council and medical council to serve her hall mates as well as other medical students, in the hope to provide better environment for her peers.


Finding compassion in medical field indispensable, she strives to foster mental wellness of her future patients. Therefore, she plans to join as a teaching assistant for a mental health first-aid course organised by the counsellors of the Faculty of Medicine, hoping to equip medical officers with better ability to identify mental distress of patients.


She has been actively learning patient communication skills through guidance from mentors and aspired to be an oncologist in the future to cater more for cancer patients, who are heavily distressed both physically and mentally.


Aspiring to turn medical workplace into a more patient-friendly place,, she promotes patient communication skills and is delighted to meet other aspiring scholars and mentors to embark on the new journey in the Scholarship Program ahead.